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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sticking to Gluten Free Eating through Meal Planning

I think the hardest thing about being gluten free is sticking to it! I find this gets easier when you make a meal plan for the day or week. This also helps you feel more fulfilled in your eating, and less like you're missing out. Here are some resources to help you make a plan and stick to it.

Calorie Counter
Here is a calorie counter to help you track all your foods and nutritional values. I like it because it is free, it has a wide selection of foods in its food bank, and you can add your own foods and meals to it. You can also customize the daily nutritional values. This site also has a wealth of information including blogs, recipes and support discussions.

Everyday Health Meal Planner
If you feel like planning your menu for the week is just too daunting, here is a Meal Planner that will find recipes for you. You can change them out, tell it you are eating leftovers for that meal etc. I like it so much because you can tell it how many calories per day you want, and you can click a gluten free option, as well as vegetarian, diabetic etc.

Eat Real Good Meal Planner
My favorite meal planning aid is this simple recipe finder. You can tell it what ingredients you have on hand or would like to incorporate in to your meals for that week, and it will find recipes that uses those ingredients. It also has a place where you can click any or all of the following options: , , , , , and . I also really like the shopping list option, which makes a shopping list for ingredients in the recipes you did not enter, has a field for you to add your own items and allows you to print it.

Below is a simple template I made and use each week to plan my meals. Feel free to use it! A hint: you can print this out, e-mail it to yourself or paste it into an application like Google documents and view it from there (that's what I do). Then it is easily accessible from any computer or smart-phone, so no excuses for not having it!








Good luck and happy eating!

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