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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rice Raper Rolls

I love these because they are so simple and so good. They are a great way to use up those veggies that need eating, or any leftover meat. They are versatile and you can put almost anything in them. I'm giving a few combinations I like, but go get creative with your own ideas! These are great to make with kids too.

What you need:
  • rice paper (I like the round ones for this. They are available at some grocery stores, or at your local Asian stores)
  • a plate of lukewarm water for softening the paper
  • any veggies, herbs, leftover meat, fruit slices, even cooked rice or rice noodles
  • dipping sauce of your choice (you can buy these already made or go online and find a recipe)
1. Cook rice or rice noodles if you are using it.

2. Cut or grate ingredients into bite size pieces.

3. Put lukewarm water onto plate.

4. Soften the rice paper in the lukewarm water for 10-30 seconds, or until soft and slightly sticky.

5. Move your rice paper to another plate and fill with ingredients.

6. Roll your rice paper up to make a neat package.

7. Enjoy!

Here are some combinations of ingredients I like:
  • salad greens, leftover roasted chicken, sliced green apple and pomegranate seeds
  • rice, leftover roasted chicken and mint with chili dipping sauce
  • salad greens, pork, orange slices and mint
  • rice, red pepper (raw or roasted/grilled), feta cheese and pine nuts
  • salad greens, onion, beef, sliced caramelized onion and mushrooms
  • chicken, sun dried tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil
  • capers, salmon or other fish, and softened cream cheese
  • salad greens, tuna salad, cracked black pepper
Have fun with it and experiment!

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